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“The Administrative Control Authority violates the law and misleads the public opinion”

Hatem Al-Aribi, the spokesperson of Libya’s eastern-based government accused the Administrative Control Authority not only of violating the law, but also of misleading the Libyan citizens as well as the public opinion.

“The statement of the Administrative Control Authority did not clarify its non-compliance with the laws and decisions issued by the House of Representatives, except in what it considers in accordance with its interests.” Al-Aribi said, adding that “the Prime Ministry should be fully committed to implement the Law No. 6 of 2014 of restructuring the Supreme Court.”

Moreover, he confirmed that this matter shows that the Administrative Control Authority does not abide by, or respect the laws issued by the House of Representatives, although it is supposed to implement them.

Al-Aribi pointed out that the government addressed the House of Representatives in particular, while the Control Authority did not respond and did not reveal the truth to citizens by publishing false, illegal and misleading information to the public opinion.

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